Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Am I included in the rebate program for this settlement?

    If you received notice from the Claims Administrator, then you have been identified as having previously received a payment from the Settlement and met the other requirements of the Settlement so that you are now entitled to participate in the rebate program.

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  2. What purchases are eligible for a rebate?

    Rebates for eligible Class Members require the purchase of new BabyBjorn© baby carriers, Britax© car seats, Medela© Pump In Style breast pumps, Peg Perego© car seats, Peg Perego© high chairs or Peg Perego© baby strollers. The purchases can be made either in-store or at an online seller during the rebate period of May 4, 2023, through August 2, 2023. Rebates are not valid for prior purchases of qualifying products or for used products.

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  3. Are prior purchases eligible for a rebate?

    No. Purchases must be made either in-store or at an online seller during the rebate period of May 4, 2023 through August 2, 2023.

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  4. What is the rebate period?

    The rebate period is May 4, 2023 through August 2, 2023.

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  5. Are Rebate Forms provided by the Settlement transferrable?

    Yes. Rebate Forms are transferable but are only valid for one user. The same purchaser’s name must appear on the Rebate Form and supporting invoices. Purchases from more than one individual cannot be combined in support of a claim for a rebate.

    Additionally, the Claims Administrator:

    • will not accept claims if the documents submitted appear to be modified or are illegible.
    • reserves the right to verify all information submitted.
    • shall make all determinations regarding the validity of the information, and all such decisions shall be final.
    • reserves the right to request additional information and documentation, including serial numbers for the products, to support the claims.
    • is not responsible for lost, late, missing, or illegible rebate submissions, or misdirected submissions.
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  6. What is the amount of my rebate?

    Your maximum amount is indicated on your personal Rebate Form. The rebate amount cannot exceed the purchase price. If you are unsure of this amount, please contact the Claims Administrator at

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  7. By what date must I use my rebate?

    To receive your rebate, you must complete and submit a Rebate Form so that it is received by the Claims Administrator no later than August 2, 2023.

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  8. What must I include with my Rebate Form?

    Your submission must also include the following:

    1. a copy of the sales receipt(s) showing
      1. the date of sale,
      2. the amount paid for the product(s),
      3. the product name and style number, and
    2. a copy of the UPC code(s) from the product packaging.

    Sales receipt(s) and UPC code(s) are required for proof of purchase.

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  9. I have moved since I submitted my Rebate Form. How can I provide my current mailing address?

    If you have not already done so, you should email the Claims Administrator at Please include your full name, your Rebate Number, if available, your old address and your new address.

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  10. How do I submit a claim for my rebate?

    If you have your Rebate Number, please click here to submit your Rebate Form online.

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  11. What happened to the coupon program?

    The Court agreed to substitute this rebate program for the coupon program because of the bankruptcy proceedings of Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us that resulted in the closing of Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us stores nationwide.

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